Privacy Policy

Your privacy is taken seriously, it is of high importance to us!

In short

  • Your connection with this site is secured with end to end SSL encryption.
  • We don’t use cookies
  • We don’t use any third party JavaScript, except for
    • google-analytics.js
    • addthis
    • addtoany
  • We don’t use any third party tracking mechanisms except for google-analytics.js
  • We don’t share or sell visitor information with anyone, and will never do it

Addthis and AddToAny are widely used solutions for sharing content. Information about what you view on this site can only be shared by YOU choosing to share it.


We only store logging information collected about you and your activities on this site in aggregated form. And we only store this information for a very limited time of 2 months. The visitor information we store is kept for the purpose of learning about general visitor activity and site crawl patterns. This is to be able to improve and adapt the services to visitor needs


You can use most of this site without JavaScript. But if you enable JavaScript we will load google maps in the background of pages where you view an IP address location, for example here. With JavaScript enabled you will also be able to use the autocomplete service to search places.

Check back soon to learn how to turn off JavaScript in your browser (blog post on this will appear). Check back soon to learn how to disable trackers in your browser (blog post on this will appear).


We use google-analytics to track user behavior and to learn about visitor usage patters. We don’t control all aspects of how google use the information we and you send them about your activities on this site. Anyway, here’s a sample of what types of information is sent to google-analytics:

  • Your user-agent (browser name)
  • Your location
  • Request time
  • Request url on this site (e.g. front page, search page, IP location page, etc)
  • Actions taken such as
    • Loading of maps
    • Zooming in maps
    • What content was shared
    • Searches performed
  • Screen resolution, screen colors
  • Device type (mobile / desktop / tablet, etc)
  • Type of operating system (Windows / Androis / iOS, etc)

If you would like to read a real life result of legal information produced by a multi-billion corporate company. And enjoy decoding what this content can mean in practice for a specific personal situation — Googles information on privacy is a good example. Make note that Googles policy may contain relevant data in this case, since we use google-analytics on Don’t forget to drop me a note and tell me about your educational history when you’re done.